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“The Sales Skills Workshop” is a one day class on the three areas of activity all sales people need to keep in balance so as to maximize their output potential as a sales person.  The three sides of the triangle are: WORK, SALES SKILLS, AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE.



On the WORK side of the triangle we talk about things like time management- how to categorize the time we spend into 4 different categories.  We are then able to analyze and track where we are spending our time, and see how much of it is really wasted, so as to be able to better manage that valuable commodity.  We also talk about the use of computers, PDA’s, and scanners.  How important it is these days to be able to use these wonderful tools. What software programs are probably the most important ones to be fluent in. The sales and listing process section breaks down both the listing and sales process into 10 or so major categories which must be successfully completed in order to close a deal and have a successful relationship.  By categorizing these steps and tracking them, it becomes very easy to see where one’s particular process is breaking down, so as to be able to concentrate on making that part better, and to be able to progress farther down the list to a successful closing. 



On the SALES SKILLS side, we first cover mental energy- a person’s ability to do that which is not natural behavior to them.  We then move to a very fun exercise on communication skills- how important listening is and how to avoid things like industry acronyms and phrases.  Then it is negotiating time, where we break down and identify the various types of negotiators- how to recognize them, and most importantly how to deal with them.  Then we cover what is probably one of the hardest things in sales- handling objections- how to differentiate between objections and stalls.  How to “landmine” your clients to prevent objections from arising in the first place.  Then comes a real bugaboo-dealing with over priced listings.  I have a totally different take on this subject, which many have found quite interesting.  We then have a section on closing techniques and phrases.  So few sales people today take the time to avail themselves of courses like Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins, and some of the other tremendous sales skills courses out there, and they have never been exposed to some of the most basic closing techniques which have been taught since the dawn of time.



And on the TECHNICAL KNOWLDEGE side we discuss the importance of being apprised of all of the financing programs that are out there, and the use of the financial calculator.  In the 18+ years I have been teaching real estate agents, I think that the knowledge of the financial calculator, or lack thereof, is one of the absolute weakest areas of most real estate agents working today.


These subjects fill an entire 9 hour day, and the agents who have taken this class have said that the time literally flies by.  There are lots of audience participation/exercises, and it is a very fun course.